Bali Bali Hai Reef Cruise Play at Pontoon!Enjoy the Lembongan Island!Adult 1person $94 Enjoy Marine sports with clear water all day! I want to check Lembongan island Crusing tour to Lembongan by Bai hai Ⅱ!Point of Bali Hai Cruise
Enjoy the crusing tour to Lembongan island by Bali Hai. Spend time at white sand beach and clear water ocean.
Lembongan island tour by crusing

Reef cruise include many kind of marinesports such as Banana boat, Snorkel, Slider at pontoon
Enjoy the marine sports at Pontoon! Plenty kind Marine sportrs

Recommend for guest who want to play marinesports as much as they can. You can also join villege tour in Lembongan island
Recommend for active person and Kids

If you want to enjoy more, join the package plan that include diving experience and aqua knot
Ocean full package

Reef Cruise Schedule Allow
■To spend the reef cruise by pontoon, landing on the lenbogan island becomes only a Village tour.
■The content of the schedule and activity is subjected to variation by a situation at that time.


Very Exciting!

Miss Ni-na | 女性 | 10代
It is great that unlimited snorkeling and banana boat rides are available! I joined banana boat ride for 4 times (LOL). The sea surrounding the island has a great clarity, very beautiful. It was great to enjoy marine sport activities all day!

Get reasonable price by Hirochan Allow
Adult regular price $105 → Discunt price $94 Child(Age 4~14) regular price$53 → Discunt price$47 Child(Age 0~3) → Free!!
Allow More reasonable booking by family

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