Bali Convenience Sightseeing!SUZUKI Karimun 1 car \3,500~!Maximum 2 persons!Compact small car for convenience sightseeing Safety・Convenience!Confident Service! Money Back Guiarantee Which car is good for one persons or couple?
Allow Compact car for 2 persons
SUZUKI Karimun for 2 persons
SUZUKI Karimun is compact car for mazimum 2perons. This small car is also recommend for 1 person. Its perfect car for short trip and couple or 1 person passenger

Add guide as option
Guide image
Car charter include driver who can speak little english. They ca not guide oparation but if you need guide, we also proide guide as option.

Confident Service! Money Back Guiarantee We will return the fee if there was some problem!

We will return the Tour fee due to these reason

・Late for pick up time
・Driver take guest to souvenir shop (Not request)
・The guide did not guide peration

We will refound all charter fee from these reason.

・This money back guarantee apply for during car charter service only. Not apply for any other plan.
・Please notice that we can not refound the fee due to there was no sunset, traffic jam, weather etc.
・Please notice that Japanese guide can guide for sightseeing spot but it is not translator.
・We can only deal with refunding while you stay in Bali. It is difficult to refund after you go back to your country.

97% guest review said use again! Beacause?
Only 1 min! Easy to apply! Choose car type by number of person Able to contact 24 hours Various Kind Booking Benefit


Shopping Rather Than Sightseeing

Mr. Sasano Kisuke | 男性 | 20代
I rent a car 2 days to have shopping in Ubud and Kuta with my girlfriend. We planned to go sightseeing but we stopped at souvenir shop every time we saw it, and stopped immediately when we saw boutique. It was hard to bring her luggage. LOL

I Used it Late at Night

Mr. Tantan Noodle | 男性 | 30代
My friend suddenly said that she wanted to go to a night club so I used car charter to the night club. Tour guide was not included on the car charter but we went to the night club safely. The driver spoke good English.

Incude driver, gasoline, insurance
4 Hours \3,500/1 car 8 Hours \5,500/1 car Get cheaper price booking 2 persons
Minimum price \1,750/1 car
Use longer More Cheaper

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