Bali Surfing Camp Training(7days)in Balangan

For Intermidiate Surfer! Surf Training Camp
We have been creat many kind of tour,,, In this time we creat new surf tour that we want you enjoy Surfing as long as you stay in Bali!!
In Bali, There are so many surf company offering surf tour, but mostly company tours are include sightseeing tour or spa which is not complete surf tour. In this tour「Surfing Training Camp(7days)in Balangan」is 7 days surf training program for surfer who want to improve thier surf skill or who want to have fun surfing as much as you can in Bali.
We can offer you this valeable tour with special price because present by Hiro-Chan Group!! We are all welcome single perosn and group guest! Lets enjoy Surfing Training Camp in Balangan

The Point of Surfing Training Camp!!

Surfing Camp Training Schedule

Surfing Camp Training Price List


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