Dinner with Mr. Swentra

Dinner with Mr Suwentra who leading perosn of Jegog!
We create Special Tour!
We hold a dinner party in hornor of Mr Suwentra who is master of Balinese music. Mr Suwentra is one of the leader of Jegog. He restored a Jegog music through regular concert which has been crumbling away. In this dinner, You can hear interesting his story which history of Bali and Bali Hindu. Ofcourse about Jegog too. Also he can speak English well so you will have great time. For the dinner meal we will set up at Chinese restaurant Sky Room in Kuta. Please enjoy the tasty dinner too.
This plan is offer by Only Hiro-Chan Group!! Please enjoy the dinner with Mr. Suwentra for yourself and with your friends.

An Outline of Dinner with Mr. Suwentra

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Dinner with Mr. Suwentra

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