1 person \2,700~!Kecak Dance show at Uluwatu temple♪ Not enough only sightseeing! Lets to see dance show!
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Uluwatu Temple where Panorama View of Indian Ocean
Popular sightseeing spot Uluwatu is one of the best spot for sunset time
Bali Uluwatu temple on the edge of cliff

Kecak Dance Show with Temple Back groud
You can see mysterious sunset from Uluwatu temple.
Bali Uluwatu Kecak Dance Image

Bali Uluwatu Kecak Dance Schedule
User Guidance
*1 For the departure time for Sunset tour is 16:30 Nusa Dua, 16:00 for Sanur,Kuta,Seminyak, 15:30 for Ubud area.
■The schedule is approximately time.
■This tour time is basically 5 hours.

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We will return the Tour fee due to these reason

・Late for pick up time
・Driver take guest to souvenir shop (Not request)
・The guide did not guide peration

We will refound all charter fee from these reason.

・Please notice that we can not refound the fee due to there was no sunset, traffic jam, weather etc.
・We can only deal with refunding while you stay in Bali. It is difficult to refund after you go back to your country.

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Miss Nana | 女性 | 20代
Sunset view from the cliff of Uluwatu is very impressive. And Kecak Dance with the red sky background during sunset time! I am also satisfied with delicious dinner.

All include! Temple entrace fee and dance show
Booking 2 persons for \3,800/1 person More person! More Reasonable! Allow Minimum Price \2,700/1 person

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