1hour drive from Nusadua Area
Time Required
15min - 30min
Open Hours
Art Market 10:00 - 17:00
Local Market 8:00 - 15:00
Entrance Fee
Spot to See
  • Bali Zoo Park
  • Dewi's (Celuk Village)
  • Saha Dewa (Batubulan Village)

Art Market

  • Sukawati Art Market Sukawati Art Market
  • parking areaMotorcycle parking area
  • Market outlookThis market is visited by both domestic and foreign visitors.
  • Enormous souvenirClothing, handicrafts and a variety of souvenirs can be found here.
  • Inside of marketThe market selling paintings, silver filigrees, wood carvings, textiles and so on.
  • The quality is various.The quality is various.

Local Market

  • A traditional marketA traditional market selling daily needs.
  • Food carts Food carts in the area of the market.
  • Nasi CampurNasi Campur (steamed rice topped with Indonesian dishes, etc).
  • Traditional cakesTraditional cakes and snacks.

  • KebayaKebaya also can be found here.
  • The market is very popularThe market is very popular among domestic visitors.
  • Map Pasar Sukawati 

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